French Bulldog Trying Out The New Living Room Rug Will Make You LOL

By Daniel Gibson - December 27, 2022

French Bulldog on a rug

We haven’t laughed so hard at a TikTok post in a long time. The Rufus Goodboy has plenty of excellent content but this is among the best. Rufus arrives to see a new rug in the living room. He bounds around to a voiceover of what his parents believe he is thinking.

Who doesn’t love a French Bulldog? Rufus Goodboy is a fun dog filled with the joy of discovering life. Rufus is living a fun life, with a loving family. Rufus starts this post charging toward the new rug. He struggles to gain traction when he tries to run toward the new rug on the wooden floor. As he arrives at the new rug, he spins around in excitement. The voiceover for the post gives us a glimpse into what Rufus might be thinking. The excitement of Rufus sees him sliding around on the new rug as he shows it off to his parents.

@rufusisagoodboy Pup approves 👌 #fyp #voiceover #vo #dub #dogtrend #compilation #animalsdoingthings #dogs #frenchie #animalsreactto #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Rufus Goodboy

I love Rufus Goodboy. I enjoyed lots of laughs when Rufus set off to slide across the new rug. There is a lot of information in the voiceover. I love the way his parents have matched the excitement Rufus feels. There is a lot of fun to be had when watching this TikTok post. The enthusiasm of Rufus and his parents is intoxicating and keeps me coming back for more.

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This TikTok post from Rufus Goodboy has more than ten thousand comments. Among the comments is this from Corlina, “Frenchies are such goofballs 😂 I love them.” Joel is not sure he trusts Rufus with the new rug, “pees on it immediately!” Crystal Broussard compares Rufus to her husband and comments, “How us wives wish their husband would react when we buy a new rug 😂.”

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There is a lot to unpack in this TikTok post from Rufus Goodboy. Rufus shows us how entertaining a Frenchie can be when excited.