Dog Loses His Mind When Trying Water In The Kibble For The First Time

By Ashley Turner - December 14, 2022

Pitbull licking lips

Sometimes the smallest alterations to a meal can make all the difference. Whether we’re adding sriracha sauce to our ramen or trying a new broth, humans love to experiment with different variations on our favorite menu items. It turns out, though, that dogs also appreciate a new twist on their food!

In this fun video, a precious pit bull almost goes berserk with happiness when the smallest change is made to his meal. For this pretty pooch, it turns out that a bit of water in the kibble makes all the difference. From the very beginning of the video, we can see that the delighted doggo’s eyes are bulging out as he starts to enjoy his meal. For the rest of the entire clip, there is a euphoric expression on his face. The pooch’s mom, speaking in the background, seems to let on that putting water in kibble is a new TikTok hack.

@dahmy_thedog 😳😳😳 his eyes 😂😂😂 #dog #dogsoftiktok #chicago #dogtok #staffy ♬ original sound – Dahmy_TheDog

This video is a great reminder that sometimes it’s the simple things in the life that make all the difference. We don’t need to make extravagant changes in order to experience great culinary pleasure.

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With almost nine million views, this video was incredibly popular — perhaps because this specific hack has been buzzed about as of late. Milennialnerd9 wrote, “Bro said good soup.” Many were open about their own recipes for their pooches. IIstarfishII wrote, “I use chicken broth and warm water. Let sit for a few minutes. Softens up the kibble.” The poster of the video responded enthusiastically, indicating that they wanted to try this next. Meanwhile, MissLaidey commented, “Unsalted beef broth has changed the kibble game for my pups.” Imperialblackbullies wanted to make sure that Dahmy’s owners were taking care of business properly, writing, “For future reference, let the kibble say and absorb the water before to prevent the kibble from expanding in the stomach.”

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Indeed, it would seem that all of us are keen to share recipes and food pointers — even if it’s for our dogs!