Video of Golden Reuniting With Mom After 3 Months Apart Will Hit You In The Feels

By Jeanette Mason - December 15, 2022

Golden Retriever at park with owner

Many people question a dog’s memory of an owner if it hasn’t seen them for a while, but dogs love and remember their owners. A video uploaded of a Golden Retriever named Hugo reuniting with his mom after being separated for three months shows just how much Hugo was excited to see his mom again after being apart for such a long time.

The video was uploaded by Hugo’s parents to the TikTok channel @goldenretriever_hugi, which is a channel dedicated to videos featuring Hugo and his life in Bondi, Australia. The TikTok video begins with Hugo standing in front of airport doors. Hugo is looking at the camera and has some balloons tied to his harness. Then inside the airport, we see someone petting Hugo. The camera moves to film Hugo’s mom walking up behind him. Hugo turns and sees her. Hugo starts jumping up and down in excitement. Hugo’s mom kneels down, and Hugo runs up to her, licking her face. Hugo’s tail wags out of control with happiness at seeing his mom. The video ends with Hugo’s mom holding him.

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This reunion was so moving. Seeing Hugo’s and his mom’s happiness made me want to smile and yet cry at the same time. Their reunion was so moving and adorable.

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TikTok viewers loved seeing the reunion between Hugo and his mom. @lifeofnala2016 said, “Watching everyone’s happiness around them looking makes this so wholesome.” @neutralthoughtz responded, “Yes! Came here to say, ‘smiles!’” @rookiemama71 said, “I’m not crying. You’re crying.” @laurasilvergrass said, “Omg, look at everyone looking.” @sammyjane182 replied, “Aww, I’d kill for another moment like this.” And @laurasilvergrass responded, “Oh! I bet. Pure love.” @disneygirl0804 said, “Melts my heart.” @roisinslays12 said, “That made me cry happy tears because my dog is like this as well. When I came home from only just a month of holiday, she was literally exactly like this.”

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All the TikTok viewers are happy that Hugo and his mom are together again. The reunion was such a heartfelt moment. Enjoy your time together with your family, Hugo.”