Bow Tie Wearing Golden Retriever Answers The Most Pressing Questions From His Fans

By Jeanette Mason - December 17, 2022

Golden Retriever working on computer with glasses and bow tie on

Dogs are brutally honest. They don’t know how to lie. A Golden Retriever named Tucker answers his owner’s questions, and the result is hilarious.

Tucker’s mom uploaded a TikTok video to the TikTok channel @tuckerbudzyn, where Tucker answers questions. The video begins with Tucker sitting in the living room wearing a bow tie. In front of Tucker are two dog-talking buttons. One is labeled Yes, and the other is labeled no.

Tucker’s mom asks him if he is ready to answer questions, and he barks in the affirmative. The first question asked is, “Are you a good doggo?” Tucker pushes the button labeled yes. Tucker gets ahead of the next questions and just pushes the button labeled yes. Then Tucker’s mom asks. “Is Linda annoying?” And Tucker answers by pushing the button labeled yes. The next question asked, “Is dad annoying?” Tucker answers by pushing the yes button.

Tucker’s mom isn’t finished asking the next question before Tucker pushes the yes button. Tucker’s mom says, “I haven’t finished asking the question. You’re mean.” And Tucker responds by pushing the yes button. Tucker’s mom asks, “Do you like cats?” And Tucker responds by pushing the no button. Once again, Tucker’s mom asks, “You don’t like cats?” Tucker once again pushes the no button. When Tucker’s mom asks, “Why not?” The Text overlay says, “They have murder claws.” The video ends with Tucker’s mom saying, “Okay, solid answer.”

@tuckerbudzyn My dog is brutally honest 😳 #foryoupage #foryou #foryourpage #fyp #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – tuckerbudzyn

Tucker’s question and answer session was so funny. Golden Retrievers are so honest. And Tucker looks quite stylish wearing a bow tie.

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The question and answer session was a big hit with TikTok viewers. @lookitsally20 said, “Not to be dramatic, but I would take a million bullets for that dog.” @drewbernhagen said, “Tucker looks like he could host the Grammys or something.” @1jolly1 said, “Love you, Tucker. I want to meet you.” @deondra.g said, “Tucker makes the bad days the best days. I love this dog.” @frankmcdonell23 commented, “The bow tie makes him look so cute.”

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Tucker is the most stylish-looking Golden Retriever. He looks so serious as he’s answering questions. But he also looks so cute while wearing that bow tie.