Yorkie Can’t Handle Being Placed On The Top Of A Cat Tree

By Daniel Gibson - November 15, 2022

Yorkie tongue out

There’s a reason why cat trees are designed for our feline friends. A Yorkie featured in a TikTok video shows the reason why dogs are not known for climbing. The owners of this Yorkie give us all a glimpse into the reasons why gods should stay on the ground. The shaking Yorkie featured in Colubana’s TikTok post will stay with me for a long time.

The TikTok post from colubana opens with a Yorkie waiting beside a couch. After being picked up, the Yorkie is placed on top of a tall cat tree If you are looking for a funny video, colubana’s “We gave him a treat afterward” will make you laugh. The Yorkie shakes as he is never out of reach of his owner on the cat tree. Another dog is sleeping in the corner of the room. The Yorkie shakes and shivers at being so high off the ground. The owners quickly save the Yorkie and return him to ground level.

@colubana we gave him a treat afterwards #dogs #dog #cat #funny #lmaocrying #cattree ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

I think this is a funny video. It could be seen as a little mean but I don’t think the dog was in any danger. the Yorkie was scared and removed from the cat tree almost immediately. I love the reaction of his owners when he is returned to the ground. I hope they gave him a treat after putting him through his time on the cat tree.

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There are plenty of comments with the video, including Kellie K’s reaction, “it’s a Yorkie thing😂😂😂 my moms Yorkie starts to shake if u look at him too long😂😂 he’s so awkward.” Tamara seems to sympathize with the Yorkie, stating “me when I’m 3 feet up on a ladder.” It seems deglin1 finds the TikTok post funny enough to comment, “homie hit that spin cycle real quick!”

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Judging by the comments for this video, Yorkies seem to be known for their shaking. This Yorkie deserves a treat for going through the trauma of being placed on top of a tall cat tree.