Watch This Storage Closet Get Transformed Into An Insane Dog House

By Jeanette Mason - November 13, 2022

Before and after of storage closet

Some pet parents are a little extra in the best way. For example, a Golden Retriever named Teddy got treated to a fancy and luxurious room inside his home when his dad redid a storage closet and transformed it into a luxurious doggy den.

Jonathon Lower, Teddy’s dad, upload a TikTok video to his channel @aguyandagolden of the closet transformation. The TikTok video begins with a before shot of a wall with a doggy entrance being installed. Then the video moves to a scene of the after. The entrance is open, two lanterns are fixed on either side of the entrance, and a stone façade in the shape of a house is beautifully arranged. This indoor doghouse even has a faux peaked roof. And the welcome mat says, “Teddy’s doghouse.” The video continues, and we see a before of the messy storage closet. The video then shifts to an after of the closet after it has been transformed. A built-in window seat holds Teddy’s bed and even comes with its own faux window. Teddy’s indoor doghouse has a television, fireplace, rug, picture frame, and plants. The video continues to show the before when the closet was mid-transformation and not yet done. First, we see the prep work for installing the fireplace and television. And then we see the after with both fireplace and television installed. The television plays Airbud, and above the fireplace is a portrait of Teddy. The video ends with the frame of Teddy’s Portrait.

@aguyandagolden Teddys doghouse under the stairs, before and after. Follow my insta: jlower12 #dogs #dog #teddy #goldenretriever #dogsoftiktok #fyp #diy #puppy #for ♬ Gimme More – Britney Spears

Teddy is living his best life in his luxurious room. His dad put in a lot of work to make his room a special place for Teddy. Teddy even has his own pet fish.

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The Tiktok viewers had much to say about this transformation @lol.nick457 said, “Dogs be living better than me.” @graviee.w asked, “Your dog has a whole pet fish and a T.V?” @user2701322961022 responded, “And a fireplace.” While @taecre7 commented, “It looks better than my room.” While @minutemaid2731 said, “Damn, I don’t have my own T.v.” And @acyyxvx replied, “Damn, I don’t have my own room.” And @kimmie949 commented, “And I thought my dog was spoiled.” A lot of viewers thought Teddy had a better room than they did, and some wondered why a dog would need a T.V. Some viewers commented that a T.V kept Teddy from feeling lonely. While @aisaaabree said, “I am doing this when I get a dog,” Some viewers agreed they would also do this.

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It’s clear that Mr. Lowry loves and spoils Teddy. And Teddy loves living in his luxurious indoor doghouse.