Video of Compassionate Vet Helping A Scared Dog Will Melt Your Heart

By Daniel Gibson - November 13, 2022

Scared dog at vet

I’ve always wondered how vets cope with scared dogs. It’s difficult to take your dog to the vet and know you have to leave them on their own. DrTom83 gives us a glimpse into the life of a compassionate vet trying to include all his patients. The first few seconds of the video are very sad, with the dog cowering in the corner. Dr. Hamilton’s journey to win the trust and friendship of the pup is beautiful.

The TikTok post starts with Dr. Hamilton sitting in a chair facing a cowering dog. The pup looks scared and confused as it looks up at the compassionate veterinarian. The post has the title, “Patience with the Patient.” Dr. Hamilton’s patience with the dog made me feel emotional. The vet moves from his chair to the floor beside the dog. The vet leans against her as he tries to entice the dog out of the corner of the examination room. After a few treats, the dog begins to look confident. Dr. Hamilton places a few treats in front of the dog and watches her eat them. He places more treats in front of the dog and slides into the corner as it moves forward. The video ends with the dog enjoying a massage in the vet’s lap.

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My heart filled with joy as I watched the compassionate vet win the trust of the scared dog. I loved the time and effort the vet put into winning over the dog’s trust. Seeing the vet massaging the dog after it grew confident in his presence was a wonderful sight to see.

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There are plenty of comments for this video which has almost 10 million likes. Bailee Madison reflected most people’s views by commenting, “Come on… be brave” 🥺🥺♥️♥️♥️” Melissa commented directly to DrTom83 by saying, “Aww the poor darling was so scared. You’re rather amazing!” Vinetta adds, “My dog hates the vets and this is how they treat him🥺🥺 all vets who treat their patients like this deserve all the good in the world🥺🥺🥰🥰”

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I love this video of a caring and compassionate veterinarian. The comments for the TikTok post show how much puppies like the one in the video tug at our heartstrings.