Watch This Genius Cockapoo Ponder A Math Equation Before Answering

By Ashley Turner - October 13, 2022

Cockapoo sitting

Though dogs are very smart and can learn many tricks, it’s unthinkable that a dog could solve a complicated math problem. However, one brilliant Mini Cockapoo has above-average intelligence. This sweet Mini Cockapoo named Luna frequently answers math questions her owner asks.

Luna’s owner manages the TikTok account @lunatheminicockapoo and often posts videos of their daily lives, including videos where he asks Luna to answer math problems. In this TikTok video, Luna and her owner are seated inside a vehicle. Luna’s owner is seated in the driver’s seat while Luna is seated in the back seat. Luna’s owner asks, “What is 4 x 2 – 4?” Luna seems to think about the math problem, and her owner tells her, “I know. It’s tough. What’s 4 x 2 – 4?” After a few seconds, Luna uses her paw and taps four times on her owner’s shoulder as an answer. Luna’s owner immediately smiles and tells her that she’s a good girl. This is one smart pup.

@lunatheminicockapoo The way she thinks about it… 👀😳 #dogs #dogsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #funnydog #fyp #lunatheminicockapoo ♬ original sound – LunaTheMiniCockapoo

This math problem-solving dog is incredible. She’s smart. She’s cute. Is there nothing she can’t do? Because some people would have trouble answering that math problem. Ok, it’s not that hard of a math problem, but some people would still have trouble solving it. So, for a Luna to solve is amazing.

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TikTok viewers were astonished at Luna’s math-solving ability @alejart_4 asked, “Is that for real?” and @savannah1637 asked, “Wait… I’m sorry. Did I just witness a dog answer a math problem?” While @koriintheclassroon said, “You taught your dog math, and I can’t teach my own students.” And @gassescat86 said, “I can barely do that. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m dumb. Or Luna’s so cute she took my mind off of everything.” However, @peterparker 2221 wondered, “Cute, but why are you teaching your dog math?” Clearly, it’s a mystery. Or maybe Luna’s owner just loves teaching his dog math. Still, anytime spent with your dog is the best time.

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Watching Luna solve a math problem is incredibly entertaining. Plus, she is such a cute dog. Her owner gets such enjoyment out of their time together. And as his channel @lunatheminicockapoo says, “She makes me too proud.”