Video of Dachshund Watching Over Owner At Night Might Creep You Out

By Ashley Turner - October 12, 2022

Black and Tan Dachshund watching

Dachshunds are normally sweet, adorable dogs. However, sometimes they can exhibit troubling behavior. In the case of TikTok creator @yunabugs, who publishes a series of TikTok videos named The Weens, focused on her eight Dachshunds. Sometimes there is one Dachshund who may not act like the rest. Or who may be a great little actor?

TikTok creator @yunabugs uploaded a video of one of her Dachshunds displaying stalkerish behavior. The TikTok video begins with @yunabugs lying in bed with a Dachshund standing on the floor behind her. The Dachshund is staring at her; due to the dark, its eyes are red. @yunabugs turns around to see if someone is there, but the Dachshund is gone. It has moved. It is now standing on the bed behind @yunabugs staring at her. The video ends with the Dachshund staring at @yunabugs. The continuous fixed stare makes this scene very creepy.

@yunabugs Stuck in paranoia… #fyp #fy #dog #dachshund #10MillionAdoptions ♬ som original – LORD.xp

Though the way the video was filmed was very entertaining and somewhat creepy, there is a very good explanation for Dachshund’s behavior. The Dachshund could be trying to get the owner’s attention. Some dogs want their owner’s attention more than other dogs. However, TikToker @yunabugs did an excellent job of filming this video to convey a feeling of suspense and dread.

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Some TikTok viewers found the video a little bit scary @haxterrs said, “It’s all fun and games until it starts to talk.” Viewer @moosethesyrian left the comment, “The red eyes make it so much better.” He could be talking about the creepy factor. And it seems that @shady_rollin agreed, “Them red eyes. Glowing.” While @goofygoober.420 asked, “And you guys ask why they scare me?” And @Sirenna.mancebo stated, “Bruh, the dog scared me.” Most of the commenters enjoyed this scary little video some even complimented @yunabugs for the artistic way she filmed the video @matusymy said, “This is a masterpiece.”

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This short, suspenseful TikTok video featuring a small Dachshund did a very good job of evoking a bit of dread and creepiness. TikTok creator@yunabugs did a great job of working with her Dachshund to film this video. Dogs are not always the easiest to film or photograph, but @yunabugs makes it look easy with her series of TikTok videos.