Doggie Daycare Having A Halloween Costume Party Is Full Of Cuteness

By Ashley Turner - October 13, 2022

Dog in Halloween Costume

It’s almost time for Halloween. During October, we celebrate all monsters and everything spooky. But just because October is supposed to be a scary month doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Dog daycares have special events to celebrate the month of October. For example, one dog daycare held a costume contest because dogs in costumes are cute.

The Dogtopia Daycare held a costume contest for all dogs attending its doggie daycare. This event was filled with adorable dogs dressed in the cutest costumes. Dog owner and TikTok user @allieisreallypretty uploaded the costume contest video to TikTok. The TikTok video begins with several dogs dressed in costumes running down a hallway toward a closed door. The door has a window, and we see a Chow Mix leading the pack of dogs. Finally, the dogs reach the door. Through the window, we see several dogs. Mocha, the Chow Mix, is wearing a sailor outfit. The Pitbull Terrier is dressed in a unicorn costume. The Shih Tzu is wearing bat wings. A black Labrador Retriever is dressed as a spider. A white dog is wearing a rocket ship costume. Other dogs wearing different costumes follow them. The video ends with a Toy Poodle in a top hat pawing at the window on the door and other dogs looking out. Allie is the owner of the sweet little Toy Poodle dressed in a top hat and maroon coat.

@allieisreallypretty like how cute🥺 love @dogtopiasouthsummerlin so much #halloween #costume #petcostume ♬ Monster Mash – Bobby “Boris” Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers

The dogs had such a fun romp down the hallway. This doggie daycare takes good care of the dogs. They enjoy their stay at the doggie daycare. All the dogs seem well-socialized and well-behaved when in a large group.

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TikTok viewers loved this impromptu dog parade @heart2ascend said, “The way they ran with excitement to show their costumes. And your baby is so cute!” While @minniecrafties said, “They all understood the assignment.” And @Notkatrena commented, “I went to their page for the full parade, and it was the best thing ever.” TikTok viewer @rolyinthedeep said, “One of them was Willy Wonka.” And @allieispretty replied, “That’s my pup.” Viewer @ohuprettything said, “The Popeye dog.” And @mocha.the.chow.mix replied. “That’s me, Popeye leading the parade.”

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Dogtopia held such a fun costume contest. All of the dogs looked adorable. Several viewers hoped that this event would be live-streamed next year. It’s nice to see dogs living their best life.