Watch This Bulldog’s Reaction To Going From Losing Her Pup To Being A Mother Of 4

By Jeanette Mason - December 5, 2022

French Bulldog happy outside

A pregnant French Bulldog named Perrie sadly lost the only pup that she was carrying. However, she soon became a mom to four French Bulldog puppies abandoned at the veterinary clinic because they had long tails.

Nakita O’hare, Perrie’s mom, uploaded a TikTok video of Perrie’s adventure as a new mom to four French Bulldog puppies to their TikTok channel @nikitax0. The TikTok video begins with Perrie standing in a room looking at the camera. The Text overlay says, “Perrie was pregnant with a singleton that she sadly lost at full term.” The scene changes to Perrie trying to look inside a cardboard box that her owner is holding.

The text overlay says, “Someone had brought their French Bulldog in for a c-section and then told her to put the puppies to sleep because they had long tails. They left with the mom and never came back for the pups.” Perrie can hear the puppies in the box, and she is excited. The scene changes, and you can see Perrie smelling and licking the puppies. The text overlay says, “Love at first sight as I knew it would be. She loves being a mom.”

Perrie’s mom could not believe that the former owner requested they be put to sleep just because they had tails. The video ends with Perrie lying down with the puppies. The text overlay says, “And my girl is happy and doing what she does best.”

@nakitax0 There is a reason I surround myself with animals and not humans – humans are vile at times and animals don’t judge. #rescue #abandonedpuppies #scottishdogs #frenchbulldog #frenchies #frenchbulldog #rescuepuppies #savealife #fosterpuppies #adoptedpuppies #adoptivemum #petloss #sadstory #happyending #fyp #fate #rescuestory #dogsoftiktok #doglover ♬ Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Slowed Down Version) – Paloma Faith

From the video, you can tell that Perrie was sad, but the arrival of the four French Bulldogs made her so happy. She must have thought that her puppies were finally home and settled in to become the best mother she could be.

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TikTok viewers were amazed at Perrie’s mothering instinct. Yet also sad for the circumstances which led to the puppies being abandoned. @stabbin_sam said, “I can’t help but be extremely sad for the momma who was made to leave without her babies. Soul left the body, brb.” @beanlawrence replied, “It’s so sad. It’s a happy ending but not for all.” And @bexytree said, “Poor Perrie but so happy she has these little ones to love. These pups have landed on their feet having her as their momma.”

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Something good came out of a sad situation. Perrie’s need to be a momma was perfect for these adopted French Bulldogs. She’s such a good mom.