Video of Alaskan Malamute “Auditioning For Ambulance Role” Is Just Too Funny

By Daniel Gibson - December 4, 2022

Alaskan Malamute smiling

The Alaskan Malamute in this TikTok post from alsoknownassimi wants to help out some first responders. We love howling dogs and replicating the ambulance siren is very impressive. The way some dogs want to join in with emergency sirens is funny and takes them back to the wild.

The post starts with the Alaskan Malamute pricking up its ears at an ambulance siren. The dog and its owner stop in the street and wait for the vehicle to pass. The dog begins to get excited as the ambulance draws close and sounds its emergency siren. The Alaskan Malamute grows more excited and begins to move around. The Malamute howls and mimics the sound of the ambulance siren. The ambulance disappears into the distance, with the pup still howling as the siren fades.

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I love this Alaskan Malamute for its ability to howl in time with the ambulance. The dog looks very beautiful and seems to have a fun-loving nature. My dogs love to howl when an emergency vehicle passes by, so I can relate to the Alaskan Malamute’s owner. The owner stands back and lets the dog enjoy its moment as the ambulance speeds by. This is one of the best attempts by a dog to mimic the sound of an ambulance I have ever seen.

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There are lots of comments complimenting the ability of this Alaskan Malamute. SofieMaiBoo wants to recommend the dog for a job, “Nailed it 👌🏻 10/10 would recommend Luna’s WEEOOEEOOEEOOEEOO🐺” Milla Vainio thinks the Alaskan Malamute deserves a job, “✨Gets hired as the backup siren✨” Hannah Jane Davies has an idea for future posts, “My dog does this to sirens too!!! try the oh no oh no TikTok sound that makes my boy howl too 🤣🤣”

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The pup in this video has an impressive voice and likes to use it. Replicating the sound of the ambulance is an impressive trick I can watch over and over.