Video of Golden Retriever Nose Diving Into The Couch Will Make You LOL

By Daniel Gibson - December 5, 2022

Golden Retriever smiling on couch

Is this dog broken? It may be after watching this TikTok post. Memezar’s post is funny because we have not seen a dog dive so deep into a couch. Chasing a ball is fun for most dogs and this pup does not want the fun limited to the outdoors. The post poses the question, “Does anyone else’s dog do this?” Not mine!

The post is short and direct. The video begins with a labrador staring at the couch. The camera moves to reveal a blue ball that has caught the attention of the dog. A hand appears and rolls the ball into a gap between the couch cushions. A second later, the dog leaps onto the couch and plunges into the gap between the cushions. The person sitting on the couch laughs as the dog remains between the cushions until the end of the post.

@memezar Me looking for my tv remote like 😂😂(Via: IG/alyssa_quiett) #fyp #dogsoftiktok #dogs #foryou #funny #lol #memezar #doggo #doglover ♬ original sound – memezar

This is a fun TikTok post from Memezar. Labradors are so much fun and filled with playful charm. I have not seen a dog dive between the couch cushions like this. If my dog was to dive between the cushions like this I would never stop laughing.

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The comments for the post reveal lots of TikTok users have not seen dogs act in this way. Jeff_themoose173 is unsure about the post, “Not gonna lie, I think your pupper is broken!” The comments include some asking whether to reboot the Lab. Jade comments, “Have you tried turning it off and on?” N B111 feels a kinship with the dog, “That’s my brain when I’m looking for the remote but I’m holding it😳”

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This is a funny video we can all enjoy over and over. Some of the comments revealed fans are watching this video on repeat. Once the Labrador catches your attention, you’re hooked.