Video of Pomeranian Doing An Agility Course Is Just Amazing

By Daniel Gibson - November 21, 2022

Pomeranian on agility course

Small dogs don’t often do the agility course at major events. This Pomeranian is so fast around the agility course that I had to check the video’s speed. The TikTok account from amazing_doggos has many great posts but this Pomeranian is a fast-moving treat. I love Pomeranians and I wish more would take part in agility events because they are so intelligent.

The video opens with the Pomeranian waiting to start its attempt at the agility event. The commentator yells, “Oh my Goodness! Here we go!” as the pup starts her attempt. The legs of the Pomeranian are moving quickly as it makes their way over the first jumps. The crowd meets the agility attempts of the Pomeranian with a mixture of laughs and cheers. The small dog keeps its legs moving and makes the tight turns look easy as it moves through the course. Woody Wolf seems to leave his owner trailing as he completes every obstacle on his way around the course in 36.14 seconds.

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I love Pomeranians, and I always want to see them complete agility courses. These dogs are so intelligent, and Woody Wolf is no different. He has a great name and is the fastest dog I have seen complete an agility course. Seeing these little dogs move so fast does look funny but it shows their intelligence.

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The TikTok post has over six million likes and plenty of comments about Woody Wolf’s performance. Laur’s comments reflect what most viewers will be thinking, “you wanna see some real speed???! I’LL SHOW YA SPEED!” Kash wants answers about the result, “did the baby win🥺🥺?” Woody Wilf’s appearance has overshadowed his performance for many, including xoxoyeo. The TikTok user commented, “explosion of cuteness 🥺!”

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This is such a post and shows agility courses should be open to all entrants. Woody Wolf the Pomeranian can be proud of his agility course performance.