Video of Fastest Dog Alive Will Leave You In Awe

By Ashley Turner - November 20, 2022

Greyhound running

There’s something about track stars that tends to captivate us. Whether it’s Usain Bolt or Flo-Jo, we love to watch fast people take on a challenge and prove just how zippy they can possibly be. It’s no different with the animal kingdom; there’s this inherent curiosity to see who’s the fastest.

And when it comes to canines, there is one particular pooch who reigns supreme when it comes to running. His name is Winston, and his skills are comparable to only that of Pegasus. To say that this dog is fleet of foot is certainly one of the understatements of the decade. Taking to the turf, he practically flies through his race, handily beating the clock. Wearing a muzzle, Winston appears completely unbothered and happy to gallop through the grass.

@espn Winston snapped 😦 #dog #race #fast #puppy #speed ♬ Cult classic – Tobi✞

There is something truly awe-inspiring about Winston’s speed. In fact, he’s so fast that he practically becomes a blur as he runs. It would appear that the human eye is too slow for this divine dog!

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It’s no surprise that so many viewers fell madly in love with Winston and his speedy skills. Tradie Tipper wrote, “Okay but why is he not running in the greyhound races I’ll back him any day of the week in the Aussie dog races!” while Jesse Pinkman wrote, “Fr my dog the moment the front gate to my house opens”. Many weighed in to compare Winston with their own precious pups.

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If Winston were a human being, there is no doubt he would have more endorsements than any other athlete out there!