Video Of Moment Shiba Inu Puppy Hears Owner On The Radio For The First Time

By Ashley Turner - October 11, 2022

Shiba Inu on couch

Life can sometimes be confusing for a puppy. Puppies are young and still learning. But it can be confusing for a puppy to hear its owner’s voice on the radio while seeing its owner also speaking in front of him. This confusing incident happened to a cute Shiba Inu puppy named Joni.

Entertainer and singer Duncan Laurence recently uploaded a video to his TikTok channel @duncanlaurence of Joni, hearing him sing on the radio. The TikTok video begins with Jody lying on the sofa playing with a dog toy. When Duncan Laurence’s song Arcade starts playing on the radio, Joni lifts up her head upon recognizing her owner’s voice. When Duncan Laurence asks, “Who’s that, Joni? Is it me?” Joni moves her head from side to side. This could be a sign of Joni’s confusion at hearing her owner’s voice on the radio. The video ends when Joni stands up on the couch and stares at the radio.

@duncanlaurence Here’s what happened when my shiba puppy heard me on the radio for the first time #arcade #dogsontiktok #shibainu #shiba #puppy #dog #music ♬ Arcade – Duncan Laurence

Joni was adorably confused upon hearing her owner’s voice on the radio. At first, she didn’t know where the song was coming from but by the end of the video. She realized that his voice was coming out of the radio. Hopefully, she gets used to hearing his songs on the radio and won’t continue to be confused.

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TikTok user @katiedawking5 said, “Poor baby nearly her neck trying to understand how her dad was speaking and singing.” And @duncanlaurence responded, “She’s so confused.” While @b4lazs commented, “Still obsessed with this song and too relatable for me, but this doggies reaction was everything.” Some viewers were more focused on the song by Duncan Laurence @water_off_a_ducks back commented, “I’m not saying I react the same way when I hear you on the radio, but yeah, I react the same way.” And @abcdeees agreed. “Ain’t that the way we all react when we hear you on the radio, though?” However, some viewers like @lyersinia asked, “More Shiba content, pls?”

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The reaction of Joni the Shiba Inu to hearing her owner, singer Duncan Laurence’s, song playing on the radio was adorable. The cute little Shiba Inu didn’t know how to react at first. She just knew that her owner’s voice was coming out of somewhere. Luckily, her owner was near her at the time, and she wasn’t confused for long.