Husky Enjoying Life Chasing Stick Into Giant Leaf Pile

By Ashley Turner - October 10, 2022

Smiling Husky in leaves

Remember when you were a child, fall came, and you got to jump into house-sized mounds of leaves until you were exhausted and passed out, at which point your mother brought out the ingredients for s’mores? Neither do I. On the best days, the leaf heaps in my childhood were just a hula hoop wide and knee-high. Jumping into one was only fun for a short time because the house was yelling indignantly at me for all I had just caused to the yard.

But thanks to the leaf pile that started it all as gathered by his owner, who shared this tiktok, the husky in this video is living the childhood we all dreamed about. Since @afvofficial recently uploaded it, we had to share it because it features many elements that we’d categorize as among the “greatest ever.” Admittedly, this video is exactly what I needed to watch.

@afvofficial He got it! 😂😂 #dogs #dogsoftiktok #funnydog #oets #funnypets #fall #autumn #leafpilejump #leaves #leafpile #foliage ♬ original sound – AFVofficial

The leaf pile comes first. How can one create such a large mound of leaves? Magic? Another thing to notice is how much fun the dog is having. He leaps into the pile in pursuit of the stick the owner just threw, and you can see his delight as he retrieves it. I also enjoy the dog’s fearless leaf play in a submarine style. The owner’s applause makes this video extra cuter, and the dogs’ barking at the beginning serves to highlight how eager they are to dive into the heap.

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The comments section thought it was just too cute how much fun this husky was having. @Gracieeholt admitted to a similar experience, commenting, “This definitely my 2 pups when I throw Gertie’s ( Jack Russell’s Ball )!”. The creator @afvofficia wasn’t left behind either, adding, “Comment a if you’re ready for fall!”. @bre’Ann couldn’t hide his amazement, commenting, “Into the…UNKNOWN”. @dennismangum701 applauded the husky by adding, “good doggo.”

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Huskies are vocal canines who won’t be averse to voicing their opinions to you, making them fun to be around. He was extremely clear in his response that he was with the barks when the owner of this husky asked him whether he was ready.