Video of Golden Retriever With So Much Style Wins The Internet

By Jeanette Mason - November 30, 2022

Golden Retriever with hat on

Sammy, a Golden Retriever, is fashionable and has a great sense of style. Sammy’s parents have him dressed in the most fabulous outfits. Due to this fashion sense, Sammy is a popular dog influencer on TikTok.

Sammy’s owner uploaded a TikTok video to the channel @sammythegolden247 with Sammy trying on a series of fashionable outfits. The TikTok video starts with Sammy wearing a dress shirt, sunglasses, and hat. The video continues, and now Sammy is wearing a tank top, gold chain, glasses, and a hat. Then the scene changes and Sammy wears a bandana and a cowboy hat. A quick change, and Sammy is wearing sunglasses and a gold chain. The video continues, and Sammy is wearing a visor hat. Finally, the video ends with Sammy wearing a tuxedo.

@sammythegolden247 Dogs got style 😎 #dog #dogtok #cutedog #puppytiktok #foryoupage ♬ I’m So Pretty – REYANNA MARIA

Sammy is very fashionable. It’s impressive that he has no trouble wearing different outfits. Some dogs won’t put up with wearing clothes.

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TikTok viewers had many opinions on this video. @tiffany_m683 said, “I’d rather see this any day rather than these men out here doing this trend.” @real_housewife_of_maine said, “He’s got to be on a dating app! My pup would definitely swipe on him.” @tiffanyneville20 said, “Why did young gravy instantly come to mind?” @ccty85935c3 commented, “I don’t have as many clothes as he does.” And @funny_petart said, “So stylish.” While @luv.avu said, “Haha! Love the dog video! Give him more treats for me.” Viewers loved the video. @sfaddds asked, “why is this not viral?” And @sammythegolden247 replied, “Paws crossed, friend.” A huge potion of viewers considered this cute and one of the best videos on TikTok.

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Sammy’s owner captioned the video with ‘dogs got style,’ and yes, he does. Sammy is a style icon.