Adorable Shih Tzu Warned By Dog Mom Not To Swagger Like A Lion Before Getting Out Of Car

By Ashley Turner - December 5, 2022

Shih Tzu with red scarf

For some of us, a little bit of swagger just comes naturally. And there’s something about a confident little king or queen that appeals to everyone.

With his absolutely adorable appearance — and hilarious expressions — it should come as no surprise that Branston, a sweet shih tzu, has demonstrated a confident swagger on more than one occasion. In this video, he receives a lesson from his British mom, herself a character with a fabulous accent. “Right, Branston, we have arrived,” she starts lecturing. “Today, when you go in the field, I don’t want you to swagger in there like you’re king of the jungle. We will follow these four rules today. Let it go, always be kind, keep calm — and the fourth and most important one — you are not the size of a lion.”

At this, Branston turns his head dramatically, perhaps revealing that he does think a great deal of himself. With his unbelievably cute hairdo and adorable face, it’s kind of easy to understand how Branston might feel like a little lion.

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This is one of those videos that possesses all of the qualities needed to go viral — an adorable pet with an owner who possesses an equally adorable accent. It’s no wonder that so many people keep clicking on Branston’s profile.

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It would seem that Branston’s many fans would agree that he has the heart of a lion, even if he is so precious and petite. With almost five million likes and over 32,000 comments, there are clearly many people out there who enjoy this shih tzu’s kingly attitude. In the comment section, as Nicoleslaw astutely pointed out, “But Shih Tzu literally means ‘little lion’ in Mandarin, soooo…” Meanwhile, Big Peep Boy wrote, “Don’t listen to her king. Shine bright like a diamond.”

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Although no one would want to be presumptuous, it is quite likely that Branston did march through the field with his stately leonine countenance.