Video of Golden Retriever Living The Best Life Is So Cute

By Jeanette Mason - January 18, 2023

Golden Retriever happy running in field

Maui, the Golden Retriever, has a very busy morning. His life is so interesting his owners uploaded a video showing Maui living his best life. Maui’s owners frequently uploaded videos of Maui and his sister Ruby to the TikTok channel @maui_thegolden.

A recent video shows details of Maui’s daily activities accompanied by a very catchy song. The video begins with Maui walking downstairs. The text overlay says, “7a.m I go downstairs for breakfast.” The scene changes, and we see Maui eating his breakfast while wearing a bunny ears headband.

The video continues, and Maui stands before the sliding doors waiting for the door to open. Then Maui lays down outside in the grass and chews on a stick. The scene changes, and Maui is lying down on the living room couch. The text overlay says, “Sit on the couch and stare at something that’s not there.” The video continues, and we see Maui’s paws typing on a laptop keyboard. Then Maui stands with a paw on a closed laptop. The scene changes and Maui licks his body grooming himself. Then he nibbles on his leg.

The scene changes again, and we see Maui lying on the bathroom floor. The video continues, and now we see Maui lying down by the downstairs door. The scene changes, and Maui jumps onto the couch with a remote in his mouth. Then we see him lying on a dog bed, chewing on a ball. Then we see Maui scratching his body while outside, staring out of a window, and sitting and staring at a family member. The video ends with Mui getting petted on his head.”

@maui_thegoldenpup Living the best life✨😅#goldenretriever #doglife #dogsoftiktoks #cutedog ♬ original sound – The Holderness Fam

This video is so cute. The song goes very well with the video. Maui, the Golden Retriever sure has a busy morning.

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TikTok viewers left many comments on Maui’s morning routine. @naomi5702 said, “Omg, so funny. I laughed for the whole thing.” @fraserelleis said, “I didn’t need this cute serotonin boost this morning, but…” @anidiction1978 said, “Aww, so cute.” TikTok viewers loved the so with the video. Many people thought this video was a musical.

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Maui does so much all day. It’s great that he gets to enjoy lying on the couch and on his dog bed.