Video of Emo Maltese Getting A Green Mohawk Is Just Epic

By Jeanette Mason - November 6, 2022

Maltese looking at camera

All dogs get groomings, but some dogs get a little more done. For example, a small Maltese spent a day getting its hair colored. This little Maltese’s mom decided to give it a Green Mohawk. It was a tiny bit of a process that ended up looking spectacular.

TikTok content creator @krystalanddogs uploaded a video of this tiny dog’s hair transformation to her channel. The TikTok video begins with the Maltese’s mom opening a bottle of dog-safe dye Opawz. Then a hand lifts up the applicator to show a vibrant green hair dye color. Next, we see someone holding the Maltese’s head and brushing the green dye on its head with a comb. After a quick rinse of its head, we see the Maltese dried off and in a hoodie. The video ends when the Maltese turns around, and we see it has a bright green mohawk.

@krystalanddogs if you let me watch your little dog #maltese #itwasneveraphasemom #emo #emoboy #dogsoftiktok #grooming ♬ original sound – HEYZ

This little Maltese was a trooper. He didn’t give his owner any trouble while he was getting his hair dyed. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Some dogs fight not to get groomed. Good job, little guy.

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Many TikToker viewers loved the look of the Maltese with green Mohawn @karenclose2283 said, “ How cute is that little doggie. My ex-husband has the same dog breed. What a cutie pie.” And @.thefancyfrog said, “Kewl.” While @substantialcrab8 said, “That is adorable.” And @sh1tface69 said, “OMG, his fur is so green. Lol, it’s adorable.” The green die job reminded some viewers of a recent Taylor Swift Song @cami,joys commented, “My mind went to ‘The Last Great American Dynasty.’” And @dairyqueenblizzard agreed, “Big Last Great American Dynasty Energy.” While @rebekah_hatrak_art said, “Duncan from total drama island.” And @5starz4levi said, “That’s what I thought, too.” However, @selkiemaiden was a bit confused and left this comment, “I thought he was a guinea pig.”

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This little Maltese is so fashionable. And giving off an emo vibe. Still cute and adorable, though. We can’t wait to see what new look this Maltese will wear next.