Rottweiler Has A Method To His Madness When Destroying Tennis Balls

By Daniel Gibson - November 6, 2022

Rottweiler resting in grass

The rottweiler in the “Sometimes he Doesn’t Even Play Fetch” TikTok post is smart. Thepurebredmutt shows us how this good boy likes to take apart his tennis balls. The captions running through the video explain the process he has developed for destroying his tennis balls.

This rottweiler is so cute pulling his tennis balls to pieces. The video opens with a tennis ball placed in front of the rottweiler, who sets about taking the ball to pieces. He doesn’t play fetch with the tennis ball he is given. The captions tell us about his technique for taking a tennis ball apart without playing with them. He starts by finding the seam and pulling the felt away. After the rest of the felt is removed, the dog sets out to tear his tennis ball in half.

@thepurebredmutt Sometimes he doesn’t even play fetch #dogsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #germanshepherd #rottweiler #foryoupage #phsyco #smart ♬ Oh Klahoma – Jack Stauber

I love watching this big dog take his tennis balls apart. There is something very satisfying about the precision of a big dog being so delicate in his movements. Watching him delicately remove the seam of the ball is amazing and makes me happy for him. The captions explain he removes the felt from every tennis ball is amazing. I love the music by Jack Stauber that reflects how interesting this routine is to watch.

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The comments from TikTok users show they are amazed at the gentleness of the rottweiler. Mrs. T commented, “So gentle lol 🥺” Ashley felt the dog has been hit by the elastic and felt in the past, “the squint tells me he’s been hit in the face by that elastic before 😭😂” Ten Lions Media feels there is more to learn about this dog, “he’s perfected his craft through years of research, science will study him one day🥰”

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This gentle giant has become popular on TikTok for his patient ball-destruction skills. Watching him taking a tennis ball to pieces is as satisfying for the viewer as it is for him.