Video of Dog’s First Movie Premiere Is The Sweetest Thing

By Ashley Turner - October 5, 2022

Golden Retriever smiling in field

All dogs deserve to be treated like a star. Not all dogs have the opportunity to walk the red carpet at a movie premiere, but sometimes one lucky dog is treated like a celebrity. Recently, Lady the Golden Retriever was invited to attend the premiere of Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank. Lady is one lucky canine.

Lady’s owners manage the TikTok channel @ladyandtheblues. Recently Lady the Golden Retriever’s dog mom and dad posted a video to TikTok of Lady at the movie premiere. The video starts off with Lady arriving at the event in her own vehicle. Lady excitedly jumps out of the vehicle and starts to walk down the red carpet amid cheers. Bystanders line the red carpet on each side, eager to watch as the stars arrive. Some of the people cheer, take pictures, or pet Lady. Lady stops in front of the movie promotional backdrop and lifts a paw to wave as people take her picture. We then see Lady stand in front of life-size cutouts of the movie characters. The video continues, and we see Lady sitting on a seat inside the movie theatre. Then we see Lady wearing different types of hats promoting the movie characters. One of them being some cute cat ears. Finally, we see Lady lying down comfortably in the seat while someone pets her. She is ready to watch the movie. The video ends as the theater goes dark, and the movie begins.

@ladyandtheblues POV: Your dog is more famous than you could ever be🎥 #foryour #fyp #moviepremiere #pawsoffury #dogsoftiktok ♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

Lady had a great time being treated as a celebrity. This Golden Retriever is one lucky dog and has many fans on her TikTok. Which such a high amount of adorable TikTok videos posted to her channel Lady is definitely a celebrity.

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TikTok viewers had a lot to say bout this video. Some had compliments, such as @monicamamudo said, “Why am I crying? This is so cute.” And @mollythechocolatelab2021 said, “So cute! I’m happy for your sweet pup.” While @not_me2466 admitted, “NGL, I would be jealous of my own dog.” And @silentheart_wcue commented, “Even the dog has a better life than me.”

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It’s obvious that Lady enjoyed her star treatment at the movie premiers. Hopefully, there will be more movie premiers in the future for this lucky Golden Retriever. Lady deserves the best.