Can Dogs Eat Mushroom Soup?

By John Martin - October 4, 2022

Mushroom soup

Dogs have sensitive tummies, so chances are you might need to confirm whether or not you can feed this thing or that to them. Doing this can help ensure that you keep them safe and happy.

Where does mushroom soup fall in this—can dogs eat it safely or can it end up doing more harm than good? Let’s find out.

Can Dogs Eat Mushroom Soup?

If you provide a small spoonful of mushroom soup to your dog, this might not really cause any problems. However, this should be an extremely rare occurrence on your part since the safer option here is to simply avoid feeding it to your dog.

Although mushroom soup contains some good nutrients that can benefit your dog, the combination of ingredients here can result in way more risks as compared to benefits.

Aside from the matter of safety, there are some dogs who might find mushroom soup distasteful or might develop allergic reactions to it. In this case, it is completely okay if you do not attempt feeding this soup to your dogs, since they are not losing out on anything in terms of nutrition.

Can Mushroom Soup Benefit Your Dogs?

There are some healthy elements to the mushroom soup that might benefit your dogs that you can go through below. Note that you can easily replace these elements with other foods that are safer for your dogs.


Mushrooms are full of proteins, as is the soup you buy or make using them. These proteins can help your dog’s body function properly while also strengthening the bones, nails, muscles, coat and skin while also regulating the hormones secreted by their glands.

However, this kind of protein supply is not exclusive to mushrooms or mushroom soup.


The mushroom soup contains some essential nutrients that can aid various processes in your dog’s body. These include both vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorous and several of the B vitamins.

The combination of these nutrients can keep your dog’s skin and fur healthy too.

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Are There Any Dangers Involved with Mushroom Soup?

Unfortunately, there are quite a few dangers involved with mushroom soup when it comes to your dogs, which is why the wiser choice can be to avoid feeding it to your dog.

Take a look at these risks below.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Mushroom soup contains plenty of sodium and spices, especially if you are using canned mushroom soup. Additionally, there is a large fat content in the soup due to the presence of cream and milk.

Together, these can result in gastrointestinal problems for your dog, leading to vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. It can also lead to salt poisoning.

Heart Health

Mushroom soup can also affect your dog’s cardiovascular health due to the high levels of sodium, sugar and fats. These can result in the build-up of fat in the dog’s stomach and intestinal lining, preventing proper metabolism.

Sudden strokes and heart diseases can also occur as a result of this, with conditions like diabetes and obesity worsening the issue.


If your dogs end up eating too much mushroom soup, they might feel pain in their bodies due to the sodium content. This can either be due to the associated symptoms that arise or simply a standalone consequence, making your dog extremely uncomfortable in either case.

This can also result in lethargy and depression.


Although a small amount of sodium can keep the cells of the dog’s body in good condition, too much of it can be toxic and lead to swelling and inflammation. This can then also make already inflamed regions even worse, often leading to redness on parts of the skin.

Allergies can also become triggered here.


If your dog is not used to eating mushroom soup or has eaten a large quantity, this might result in sudden seizures. This can be a result of either sodium poisoning or some damage or disruption to the neurological component of your dogs.

Take your dog to the vet immediately in case this happens.

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Due to the high levels of substances like sodium, fat and sugar, the water content might reduce in your dog’s body due to how the body is forced to react. Too much water loss due to diarrhea and sweating can take place too, resulting in dehydration, lethargy and fatigue.

Lactose Intolerance

This soup contains many milk-based ingredients, including cheese, cream, yogurt or milk itself. Lactose intolerance is pretty common in dogs, so these ingredients in the soup can cause several problems for your dog.

Liver Problems

The ingredients and elements of mushroom soup can lead to liver problems too, especially since the salt can build up in the liver, causing liver failure or chronic diseases.

What to Do If Dogs Eat Mushroom Soup

In case your dogs end up eating mushroom soup, here are some steps and measures you can take:

  • If you notice your dog eating a bit of mushroom soup, do not panic and simply bring them some water so that they can excrete or sweat out the extra sodium.
  • Observe your dog’s reactions, behavior and health after eating mushroom soup. If anything seems out of the ordinary, you should take your pet to the vet.
  • It is possible that your dogs might eat the entire bowl of soup, in which case you should not waste any time and take your dog to the vet immediately so that you can seek any necessary treatment.

Make sure you try keeping the mushroom soup out of your dog’s reach whenever you buy or make it to avoid this kind of an issue in the first place.

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Parting Remarks

Dogs can eat a small spoon of mushroom soup on a rare basis, although you can avoid even this. Ideally, you should not feed mushroom soup to your dogs due to the greater risks involved here in comparison to the benefits.

Make your dogs drink water and take them to the vet as soon as possible in case they eat too much of the soup.