Video of Dog Trying To Talk When On Medication Is Just Too Funny

By Jeanette Mason - November 13, 2022

Labrador closeup

Several videos are floating around on the internet of dogs that are ‘ stoned’ after they come out of the veterinarians’ office. Dogs have different reactions to the medication. Most dogs are sleepy, and some are confused, but a Labrador Retriever featured on TikTok sounds like he’s talking.

A TikTok creator named @hcunningham uploaded a TikTok video to his channel, canadian_dogs. The TikTok video begins with a Labrador Retriever sitting calmly in the passenger seat of a car. Next, the dog starts mumbling and grumbling. It sounds like he is talking. Then the dog starts to look from side to side. The Labrador looks back to the front, and low barks, then turn to the side. Next, the Labrador turns to look at three different sides. The video ends with the Labrador staring out of the car.

@canadian_dogs He forgot he was a dog. #dog #fyp #talkingdog #cute #pet #funny ♬ original sound – Hcunningham

I’ve seen many videos of dogs after they come out of the vet, and most dogs have been sleepy. But this is the first time I have seen a dog, and it sounds like he is talking. Very cute! And very intelligent.

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Most TikTok viewers agreed that it sounded like this Labrador Retriever was talking, and many shared their opinion on what he was saying. @haynnnn said, “I legit hear hear ‘this is that…huh’ like what?” And @trollypolloynsw said, “He is speaking in quadratic equation.” And @hcunningham replied, “He is actually speaking in Canadian dog. Very rare language, apparently 1,000 different names for the word ‘treat.’” @that_damn_durry_goblin said. “It looks like he’s experiencing that past, present, and future all at once.” While @thejizzyjunkyard commented, “He’s seeing every dimension.” While @alexisnikole said, “I feel like he just looked into the future and was trying to tell us about it.” Well, everyone had an opinion about what this Labrador Retriever was looking and talking about, but everyone agreed this was adorable.

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This Labrador Retriever is the cutest. He’s just trying to have a conversation and keep an eye out for his owner.