Powerful Video Shows How Much Dogs Mean To Us

By Daniel Gibson - November 12, 2022

Dalmatian holding hands

The TikTok post, “I Love Having Him by my Side” is a powerful look at the way pets change lives. The post reflects the love and support a dog can have in our lives. The soundtrack adds to the emotional aspect of the post and makes it powerful. The dalmatian plays a key role in the video and brings calm to a mixed-up world.

Dannero’s TikTok post shows a young man with his face hidden behind a mask. The TikTok post shows a troubled young person fighting the urge to turn to violence. The rage rises in the young person as they stand in front of the bathroom mirror. The urge overtakes him and he pulls his fist back to aim a punch at the wall. As he moves forward with the punch, the dog appears on the counter and holds up a paw to stop him. The man and dog embrace as the threat of violence give way to move for his dog.

@dannero I love having him by my side 🖤 #dog #goals #fyp #foryoupage #viral ♬ original sound – Serena George

I love the message this video is trying to get across. The violence in the world can be removed through the love and support of animals. The song works well with the TikTok post and shows the troubled state of mind of the young man. Support dogs play a big part in life and can be lifesaving for some.

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The TikTok post seems to have struck a chord with many on the platform. Kuya Magik commented, “Message is so powerful!” Kuya Magik’s comment was echoed by many, including Syn Flux. Syn Flux commented, “I felt this in my bones.” Chewy92 enjoyed the post and commented, “instant Goosebumps. We do not deserve such beautiful animals ❤”

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This TikTok video from Dannero shows us the importance of pets in our lives. Everybody goes through tough times and the support of a loving pet can make all the difference.