Video of Dog Sleeping In Pajamas With Owner Is Just So Wholesome

By Ashley Turner - December 9, 2022

Dog sleeping on couch

There is something so peaceful about settling in for the evening — and experiencing a good night’s sleep. It turns out that our canine buddies appreciate some quality rest as much as anyone else.

In this sweet video, the caption tells us, “I came home and found my daughter and dog like this.” As the song “Just the Two of Us” plays in the background, we see the aforementioned daughter and dog all curled up together — and in matching pajamas! It’s an unbelievably adorable scene, and the pretty pooch has a hilarious expression on his face as his snoozes. With his teeth on full display, this divine dog shows the world what it’s like to truly let go and relax.

@magnusthetherapydog What would you do if you found this? 😳 #bff❤️ #cute #dogsoftiktok #funnydog @Dog Threads ♬ original sound – Brian Benson & Magnus

In a world where sometimes it can be difficult to let go of your cares and get some rest, this adorable TikTok reminds us that sometimes the best rest can be had when you have a buddy to snuggle up with.

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With almost three million likes, it seems that most people could relate to the serene scene. Alhassan Farihanatu Wumpini made a hilarious observation, writing, “Why the dog sleeping like he worked a nine hour shift” with a laughing crying emoji. KarenRae1977 commented on the pooch’s potential as a security canine, writing, “Definitely not a good guard dog. Hahaha love his teefys.” There were also many who seemed to have their own snuggle buddies at home. Heather Gregory966 wrote, “Oh no!! This makes me want to take a nap with my Lab!”

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Whether we have matching pajamas or not, this clip is a great reminder for all of us to keep our pets close — and to spend some quality cuddling time with them whenever we can.