Dog Owner Freaks Out When He Thinks The Egg Challenge Went Terribly Wrong

By Daniel Gibson - December 9, 2022

Pitbull looking worried

The egg challenge is popular among TikTok dog owners. This post from JBN0420 shows that not all pet parents can keep up with their dogs. The reaction of the man in the video is funny because it does look as though the challenge has gone wrong. The TikTok user reacts in a normal way to his thought that his pup has got the challenge very wrong.

The post opens with a different video of a dog holding an egg in its mouth. The TikTok post carries the caption, “They say you can give your dog an egg, and they know to be gentle with it.” The start of the video shows a large dog taking an egg from its owner.

The post changes to a TikTok user not believing in his dog;’s ability to hold an egg. The TikTok user finds his dog and takes it to the kitchen. He hands the dog an egg from the refrigerator and follows as it walks into the living room. The dog disappears from view for a moment. The owner turns around to reveal that the dog no longer has the egg in its mouth. The owner jumps to the conclusion that his dog has swallowed the egg whole. He notices the egg is on his dog’s bed and begins to laugh.

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This is a hilarious video because of the reaction of the pet parent. I can imagine believing my dog had swallowed an egg whole and reacting like the TikTok user. He has a cute dog that looks at him with puzzlement when he starts to panic about the lost egg.

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The post has three million likes and plenty of comments about its content. “Omg! I lol so hard too. I thought she did” commented jeaniemcbride793. Joonie can relate to the video and comments, “My dog did this tho😂!” Kristismithrouse enjoyed the video and left the comment, “🤣😂so funny!”

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The dog in this post is so cute that it makes the video even funnier. The misunderstanding between the dog and its owner makes this a fun post for anybody to enjoy.