Video of Dog Reuniting With Owner After 21 Days Will Warm Your Heart

By Ashley Turner - October 8, 2022

Smiling Border Collie getting love from owner

Losing a dog is a pet parent’s worst nightmare, whether the dog escaped from the yard or was taken by someone. A pet parent worries about the safety of their missing dog. Some dogs never make it back with their owners, but sometimes it’s a happy reunion.

TikTok user recently uploaded a video of a woman reuniting with her lost dog after 21 days. The TikTok video starts with a woman waiting inside an animal clinic. The door opens, and a woman accompanies a dog inside. The Border Collie dog runs up to the woman waiting inside and jumps into her arms. The Border Collie is so happy with her mom. And the dog mom is happy to have her dog back safe in her arms. The Border Collie keeps wiggling and licking her owner. It’s evident that the Border Collie is happy to be back with her owner. Finally, the dog runs to another woman and jumps in her arms, then hops down and runs back to her mom. The video ends with the owner hugging her dog. And people say dogs don’t have feelings 🙄 #reunited #heartwarming #dog #dogs #puppy ♬ Missing Your, Skin – Wovy & Chupapi

Both owner and Border Collie were happy to be reunited after 21 days apart. I’m sure the dog’s owner is relieved to have her dog safe and home. And from her behavior, the Border Collie is glad to be back home.

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TikTok viewers were happy that the dog and his mom were reunited. TikTok viewer @adeline0094 said, “She works at this clinic. Her dog had been missing and was brought to her at work.” And @zombre23, “Love how he also ran over to one of the staff and almost seemed to say thank you before running back to momma.” And @courtneysleep says, “It’s not even 7 am, and animals have me crying again.”

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It’s lovely to see such an emotional reunion. Unfortunately, not all dog owners get to be reunited with a lost pet. However, this lucky Border Collie made it back home with mom.