Cute Puppy Picking Out His Own Outfit For The Day

By Ashley Turner - October 9, 2022

Maltese sitting in lap

Maltese dogs are among the cutest companions you could imagine. They have lovely, touchable white fur that is tiny and sensitive. They also have wonderful personalities, so it’s not just their outward beauty that makes them so adorable.

The cutie star of this video, who is as endearing in his tiny frame as he is in his enormous personality, demonstrates how well-versed in fashion he is. Everything he chooses is valuable and appropriate, creating an overall chic appearance. But what happens when he adopts a yawn at the end—which some would mistake for a smile? Too sweet to handle! Maybe it’s because of their warm and cuddly disposition or because they’re amusing and playful. Whatever the case, I can’t help but be pulled to these cuties whenever I see one.

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Maltese dogs are adorable not simply because of their looks but also their intelligence and personality. You already know how much fun a Maltese dog can be if you’ve ever had the opportunity of sharing time with one. They never turn down a game or a hearty belly rub, and they adore nothing more than being with the ones they care about the most.

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“He so adorable and cute very funny love him”, @carolyn1234_ showed her love for the cutie. “So adorable. I want one so bad,” @tamicoldiron420 admitted. “loved the last part” @JaneCarroll988 fell victim to the cute yawn/smile at the end of the video. “Got better fashion sense than me”, @romsyiah marvelled at just how on-point his outfit was.

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In conclusion, Maltese dogs can easily rock any hairdo, as if their charming appearance wasn’t enough. Whether sporting stylish cute outfits, these puppies always look beautiful.