Video of Cocker Spaniel Slow Turning Her Head Is Just Too Precious

By Ashley Turner - October 23, 2022

Cocker Spaniel posing outdoors

At some time or another, we’ve all experienced a clear look of adoration from our pets. When it happens, we don’t often catch it on a camera. Yet, sometimes, we can capture the moment forever! Take this video of a cocker spaniel titled “Ladies and gentleman, HER✨❤” set to “Only You” voiceover music.

The footage was shared by Dogs Universal (@dogs.universal), which is a profile that shares everything anyone could ever want to see about cocker spaniels. At first, it seems like this is just going to be another video of a cute, well-groomed pup in the passenger seat of a car enjoying the ride. Yet, then this golden beauty turns her head. As noted in the caption, the cocker spaniel, Connie, is obviously madly in #puppylove with the person next to them. It’s hard to consider that it might be raining outside, as indicated by water on the window behind Connie, when looking into such a bright, sunshine face.

@dogs.universal Ladies and gentleman, HER✨❤📷:@conniethecockerspainiel_ox#cockerpuppy #cocker #puppylove #dogsofttiktok #dogs ♬ original sound – dogs.universal

The comments section shows just how quickly more than 7.2 million people, as of this writing, loved this video of Connie:

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Many users called her angelic, beautiful and gorgeous. Some of them went beyond to make commentary about people. Some users talked about how they never thought a dog could be prettier than a person. Users Or Lando and Ninik wrote, “imagine being this pretty.” User Catherine Burn proclaimed that Connie was royalty: “That’s a Disney princess!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰.” AnonymousArtist64 made a startling and true comparison to another Disney work: “Lady from Lady and the Tramp! So gorgeous!.”

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