Video of Chihuahua Posing For An Art Project Will Make You LOL

By Daniel Gibson - November 14, 2022

Chihuahua up to something

Chihuahuas are full of personality and love spending time with their chosen person. The chihuahua in the TikTok post, “I felt the urge to create” is one of the funniest you will see. If you think the final art project based on the chihuahua is going to be stunning, think again. Despite not being a great artist, the chihuahua’s owner has captured her likeness.

The video opens like many on TikTok, with the dog’s owner gathering their art materials. The owner picks up a Sharpie and a roll of paper. Scottyhubs post shows his chihuahua running to take part in the art project. The Sharpie is used to trace around the body and head of the little dog. The final piece of art does bear a striking resemblance to the chihuahua. The little pup lays beside the artwork and strikes a hilarious smile. The final zoom into the smiling face of the chihuahua will make you laugh so hard!

@scottyhubs I felt the urge to create ✨Art✨ again. #art #dog #wellness ♬ Opportunity – Quvenzhané Wallis

I love it when small dogs take part in everyday life. The way the post was put together, I thought the dog’s owner was going to create beautiful artwork. The final drawing does bear a striking resemblance to the chihuahua. I love the smiling face of a chihuahua.

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The comments about the TikTok post are as entertaining as the post itself. Bruno Underwood commented, “OMGGGG THE LIL SMILE😭😭♥️” Ben’s comment on the post included a reference to “Titanic”, “Draw me like one of your French girls!” Sommers1824 commented, “I can’t tell them apart!”

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The post is one I could watch over and over. The happiness of the chihuahua makes the first half of this post enjoyable. The final smiling image of the chihuahua will make you laugh.