Video of Bully Puppy Totally In Love With Owner Will Warm Your Heart

By Daniel Gibson - December 7, 2022

Bully dog on the floor

Fancy editing techniques are not needed to show how much this Bully puppy loves its new pet parent. The Bully puppy does not break eye contact throughout the TikTok post from hightreebullys. This is the kind of video that warms your heart and makes you thankful puppies can find such loving owners.

The TikTok post includes a soundtrack of “Puppy Love” by Paul Anka. The new pet parent is sitting on the ground beside a road, with the Bully pup sitting on her legs. The two do not break eye contact throughout the video as they give each other kisses and enjoy a hug. The Bully puppy’s tail wags throughout the video. The pet parent gives all her attention to the pup until the very end of the post. The pair share a hug before the puppy places its head on its new owner’s chest.

@hightreebullys Both are totally in love #abkcstrong #doglover #puppylove #fundog #puppysoftiktok #fy #foryorpage #funnydog ♬ Puppy Love – Paul Anka

I love the interaction between the Bully puppy and its pet parent. Seeing a human owner so wrapped up in the love of her pup makes me happy to be a dog enthusiast. The way the owner maintains eye contact with her new pup will have filled it with love and started a special bond. I am full of praise for the new owner and the way she is bonding with her puppy.

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The comments include praise for the pet parent and her bond with the Bully puppy. Unique Queen comments, “He never breaks eye contact, pure genuine love!!!” Em spotted the wagging tail of the Bully puppy during the post and commented, “THE TAIL!” A similar theme is taken by @ggie, “The little tale wag when you give him kisses… 𥰠So cute!”

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This video is so cute you will want to watch it over and over. A bond between a dog and its owner can form in seconds, as this seems to have done.