Video Of A Dalmatian And Golden Being Best Friends Is The Sweetest Thing

By Daniel Gibson - December 7, 2022

Retriever and Dalmatian bonding

OMG! We love a story of dogs becoming best friends. Coupleofpaws TikTok post is a great example of giving a dog time to come to terms with a new arrival. Watching the Dalmatian and the Golden Retriever become best friends brought a tear to my eye. Sometimes, all a dog needs is a little time to adjust to a new puppy.

Edith Whiskers’ “Home” is the perfect musical accompaniment to a post about friendship. The captions explain the Dalmatian’s arrival was difficult for the Golden Retriever. The older dog wanted nothing to do with the new arrival and refused to share its toys. The Golden Retriever refuses to let the puppy share a treat. Time can be a great healer, with the Golden coming to terms with the arrival of the Dalmatian. The final few seconds of the post show the dogs sharing a crate and a bed after becoming best friends.

@coupleofpaws Worth the watch ❤️ #ourtype #recordsday #cute #bff #doglove #doglover ♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

I love a comeback story and the Golden in the post makes a string return. The story of the Golden Retriever and the Dalmatian could have been different. If the owners had not given the dog time to adjust, a friendship would not have developed. I love the final seconds of the post when the two dogs have become inseparable friends.

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“Worth the Wait” has over three million likes and thousands of comments to read through. The story of the two dogs is inspiring to Anya, “This! If you get a dog and your other one doesn’t get along don’t get rid of it just wait until their friendship grows just like dads andnotwantedpets!” Nlsn Cmorl commented, “Dogs are magical😍😍😍!” Angel seems to have fallen in love with the dogs, “TWO PRETTY BEST FRIENDS 😍!”

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This is a wholesome story of being patient when a new dog arrives in a home. It may have taken some time, but these dogs are now best friends.