French Bulldog’s Reaction To Owner Dropping The Leash Is Hilarious

By Daniel Gibson - December 8, 2022

French Bulldog on leash in park

French Bulldogs can be hilarious dogs to spend time with. This TikTok post from h_serhi1 shows how much fun it can be to own a Frenchie. Every dog enthusiast will tell you how adorable and playful Frenchies are. The laugh from the owner of the pup when it bolts for freedom shows this has played out many times.

The post opens with a video of a large dog walking with its owner. The owner drops the leash and the dog stops in its tracks. The dog picks up its leash and walks back to its owner. The first part of the post includes a caption that reads, “other dogs!” The image then changes to show a Frenchie walking with its owner. The caption changes to read, “My dog!” The Frenchies owner is holding its leash with a single finger before dropping it on the ground. The Frenchie stands still for a moment but does not look behind. The dog goes from 0 to 60 in an instant and runs down the hallway. The owner begins to laugh as they chase the Frenchie through a building.

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I love Frenchies and enjoy seeing them at times of fun. This Frenchie gives a glimpse into its wild personality. This includes a desire for freedom from the leash. The comparison with a well-trained dog makes this post even funnier.

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Despite making a bid for freedom, this Frenchie has proven a hit with TikTok users. Carla B asked, “OMG can I adopt your dog 😂?” Nahomi Zelaya comments, “he’s looking like “should I… IMMA DO IT!!” 🤣 Sydney commented, “The dog is like: FREEEEEDOM!!!!!!! Also wasn’t expecting the dog to take off like that 😂😂”

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This is a fun TikTok post that shows the playful nature of French Bulldogs. We hope the pup did not complete its escape attempt and is enjoying a happy life with its owner.