Video of Blue Heeler Batting 1.000 Will Leave You In Awe

By Ashley Turner - October 25, 2022

Blue Heeler smiling

Have you ever seen a video of a dog batting 1.000? If not, prepare to be in awe. The footage of a blue heeler named Pepper the Dog batting 1.000 is one of the most impressive feats in sports history.

Batting a thousand is nothing new for a blue heeler like Pepper – these dogs are masters of hitting objects at great distances.

If you’re a dog lover, a baseball fan, or enjoy watching a well-timed swing then, you’ll want to check out this video. Not only is this blue heeler an expert hitter, but she also has tremendous reflexes and coordination – all of which she showcased while batting 1.000. So if you’re curious about how she did it or want to see some fantastic animal athleticism in action, watch the video.

In this TikTok, therealbigpupi a.k.a. Pepper The Dog, is shown hitting another baseball and knocking it out of the park, so to speak.


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From what I recall, the blue heeler is a working dog originally bred in Australia, fording rivers, and other treacherous terrains. Today, dogs like Pepper are partnered with law enforcement, search and rescue teams, and others as working dogs and, possibly one day, Major League Baseball. So, this incredibly cool skill isn’t surprising, but still incredibly impressive!

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Commentor @Matthew Lopez82770 said, “O my goodness! Best doggers ever…showing my dog now and hoping she learns.”

There is a science to batting 1000. It takes practice, skill, and determination. But it’s not impossible – as shown by this incredible video of Pepper, the blue heeler batting.

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Pepper’s impressive feat stemmed from her disciplined approach to batting. She starts with a low stance, keeps her head down, and focuses on hitting the ball solidly. Her technique pays off – Pepper hits 100% of balls in the air in this TikTok.