Here’s What Happens When You Try To Catch Your Dog In The Act

By Ashley Turner - October 25, 2022

Corgi looking at the camera

Every dog owner has had a moment when they wonder what their pup is up to at home alone. One TikTok user got more than they bargained for when using a camera to monitor their pet dog. They may have imagined their pet dog playing with toys but they found a dog happily chilling beside the camera. The look the dog gives the camera appears to question why their pet parent is spying on them.

The video is titled, “When I want to see what my dog is doing in the house.” The short TikTok video begins with a view of the edge of a sofa and a galley kitchen. The camera pans to the right as the question “Where?” is asked. A dog’s ball is seen on the floor as the camera moves left without any sign of a dog in the room. The camera continues to pan to the left until the dog finally comes into view, and a scary sound is heard over the image. The dog is sitting happily beside the camera with a puzzled look on its face.

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@Pettiktik has plenty of funny dog-related videos to enjoy but this is one of the funniest. I love the look on the dog’s face which seems to question what the owner is hoping to see. The sound and jerky movement of the camera makes it all the funnier for me.

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Other TikTok users thought the video was just as funny. Droskiisworld commented on the “Dog: So Childish” video, “He’s like what were you trying to catch me doing?” Jresavella agreed the video is like a horror movie scare, commenting “This is the only jump scare I will accept.” MedievalMab followed a similar theme with the comment, “Jumped out of my skin! I love horror films & don’t scare easily but you got me.”

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The lesson here is to have a little trust in your dog at home. If you have a camera your dog may know what you are doing when you are spying on them.