Video of Aussie’s First 24 Hours After Being Neutered Is Too Funny

By Daniel Gibson - December 31, 2022

Australian Shepherd being carried

OMG! How dramatic is Chance the Australian Shepherd? We are struggling to find a more dramatic reaction to neutering than this dog. It sounds like this pet parent was ready for the drama when she dropped Chance off at the vet for his procedure. Chance did not appreciate this trip to the vet. He seems to feel traumatized on many levels.

The TikTok post from ShepherdsofMN opens with Chance in his crate waiting to go to the vet. The caption warns viewers to watch until the end to see what happened when Chance got neutered. When Mom arrives at the veterinarian’s office, Chance is howling in the background. Mom laughs as if she knew Chance would be a difficult patient. Chance rides home with his eyes wide open without making a sound. He refuses to urinate or walk in the snow. Instead, Chance lays in the snow and ices the surgery area. Chance continues howling into the night and Mom has to tell him to be quiet. The following day, Chance sits unblinking and still looks shocked.

@shepherdsofmn It was quite the first 24 hours 😅 the most dramatic dog I’ve met. Please enjoy the whole thing #dogsoftiktok #aussie #aussiesoftiktok ♬ original sound – Katherine Kennedy

I can’t say I’m shocked at Chance’s reaction to the surgery. Chance seems like a happy dog who has had a rough day. Icing a delicate area after surgery seems like the right thing to do, for me. Chance seems to be saying he didn’t want surgery and is unhappy with the results.

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The comments for the TikTok post explain Chance is not alone in feeling traumatized. Edog4.20 commented, “My dog was traumatized when he got neutered.” BSelling commented about her own experience, “Dropped our dog off to get neutered. “Pick him up at 6p.” 3 hours later, “ma’am, he’s singing the song of his people non-stop come get him.” Trish_Rapptor explained, “That PTSD is gonna stay with him 😂😂😂😂!”

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Chance seems like a sweet boy who has had a rough day. The first 24 hours after surgery seem to have left him traumatized. We can feel your pain, Chance!