Tippy Tappy Boxer Brings Owner Random Items When She Gets Home From Work

By Daniel Gibson - November 29, 2022

Boxer with disc at pool

Our dogs do love to share their toys. A post from the harveytherescue TikTok account shows how many items one dog brings its owner. The post follows a working week’s worth of items the dog brings his owner. Each day brings a new item, apart from Wednesday when the pup couldn’t find anything to bring. The cute dog will melt your heart as it brings toys and household items to welcome its owner home.

The benefits of having a dog include the different items they bring when you return home. The TikTok post starts with a caption explaining the dog likes to bring treats for its owner. We then go through the week and see what the dog picks up when its owner arrives home. Monday sees the dog arrive with a dish scrubber, followed by an old bone on Tuesday. It looks like the pup couldn’t find anything to pick up on Wednesday. On Thursday, the dog picked up a banana toy and Friday was a scoop for dog food. Whether the dog’s owner wanted the items or not, the dog brought them to show how happy it was.

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We should be grateful for every moment we spend with our dogs. I have enjoyed all the items my dog brings me since she was a puppy. You won’t be able to help to crack a smile at the dog’s tail wagging as it brings its owner random objects. I love the dog’s enthusiasm and the way the owner enjoys the treats brought each day.

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Terryrodriguez believes the owner dig get a treat on Wednesday. The comment from Terryridriguez says, “Wednesday he brought his toothy smile 😃!” Shellie Pylant is a fan of the Harveytherescue account and comments, “He’s just the cutest 😍😍😍”

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This is a fun TikTok post that shows how much fun owning a dog is. I love the reaction of the dog to its owner’s arrival, which shows how special their bond is.