Timelapse of Puppy Growing Up Will Hit You Right In The Feels

By Ashley Turner - September 30, 2022

Golden Retriever puppy running

Doggy siblings. There is nothing sweeter than an older dog welcoming a younger dog sibling. This is the case with Gamja and Chip, two Golden Retrievers that have formed a friendship after Chip was introduced into the household as a young pup.

Tiktok user @Gamjamypotato recently shared a video featuring a compilation of several cute moments in the lives of the Golden Retrievers, Gamja and Chip, which are shown side by side during different times. The video starts off with Gamja sitting next to Chip as a puppy, and then we see Chip sitting in a shopping cart in a store. From there, we see different film shots showcasing Gamja and Chip side by side, featuring an age progression as Chip goes from a puppy and becomes an adult dog. The video ends with Chip giving Gamja a hug.

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The relationship between these two furry siblings is so sweet. From the beginning of the video, you can tell that Gamja welcomes Chip and takes on the role of a big brother. Chip is adorable as a puppy and looks just as cute as an adult dog. While Gamja is a serious adult big brother and friend to Chip.

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The people in the comments loved seeing the relationship between the two Golden Retrievers. Though the people in the comments especially loved seeing Gamja hug Chip. The comment section was filled with comments of people requesting a Tiktok video showcasing Gamja and Chip hugging. Dylan Cushman commented, “OMG, the hug.”

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It’s clear from the video that Gamja and Chip have developed a special bond. The cuteness is overwhelming, and these two Golden Retrievers will be lifelong friends.