Dogs Love Playing With Tennis Balls No Matter The Size

By Ashley Turner - September 29, 2022

Puppy with tennis balls

All pet owners and lovers know that a dog’s best toy is mostly a tennis ball. Dogs love playing with tennis balls; they are small, bouncy, and comfortable in their mouths. Dogs enjoy playing fetch with these balls and even keep it to themselves by chewing them. The balls satisfy the dog’s predatory instincts of chasing and catching things. An easy way to make your pet enjoy playtime is by adding a tennis ball to his toys. It’s even more fun watching a dog play with his tennis ball, especially the cute little puppies when they realize the existence of such new toys that are colorful and bouncy.

A ten-second video shared by @chip_the_mini_weenie on Tiktok shows a little puppy playtime. The tiny puppy plays with a huge green tennis ball and runs around. He tries to stuff it in his mouth, but the ball is bigger than his face. He bites the ball by the handle and carries it away. The caption says, “Hey, you are coming home with me.” I guess those should be the dog’s words if he could speak.

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It’s fun watching the tiny puppy trying to take the ball; even the stumbles couldn’t stop him from playing with the giant ball. The person who introduced tennis balls to the dogs’ toy list must be a genius; I mean, look at them; they are the best toys I have come across that dogs adore. I thought that only big dogs liked them because of how they fit into their mouths, but even the tiniest puppies love them no matter how big they are compared to them.

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Have a look at these few comments from amazing viewers. @dyzp8ooje3rp commented: So cute. Size is never an issue for dachshunds. @gatorfan7676 commented, “Hi Chip!! You are the cutest!! I have five-week-old puppies bigger than you! They are so cute. @imabigboy53 commented, “Biggest tennis ball you can find.” @jcgillette80 😂 commented; the ball is almost as big as he is. 🥰@lillybell24687 commented, “It’s a normal-sized tennis ball. 😆 He is SO cute.”

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Dogs love playing with balls, and tennis balls are the best for them. No matter how big or small the ball is compared to the dog’s size, the dogs like playing fetch with these balls.