Patient Dog Is Worried About His Toy After Leaving It In The Rain

By Ashley Turner - November 23, 2022

Dog outside with toy

Sometimes it can be difficult to account for weather conditions. A sunny day can turn stormy in an instant, leaving us unprepared and worried about which possessions we may have left outside. It turns out that dogs are no different, expressing their concern when they’ve inadvertently left one of their favorite things out in the elements.

In this adorable video, a sweet shepherd mix watches patiently as his human uses a blowdryer to dry out his wet toy. Captions explain that the toy had been left out in a rainstorm. After the worn, beloved stuffed toy has been carefully dried out to perfection, the human then offers it back to the doggo. Ever so carefully, the precious pooch takes the toy into his mouth and then walks away, clearly relieved to have his favorite fluffy item back.

@reealy1 Patient doggo waiting for his toy! So cute!! Comment down below! What’s your dog’s favorite toy?? #dogtok ♬ original sound – Ree Aly

With almost six million views and over 44,000 comments, it would appear that this sweet dog’s concern for his prized toy hit a nerve with others. Many seemed to think that the canine might be concerned that he had injured his best friend, with Milou writing, “I didn’t kill it right?” and Gabriele Santoro saying, “Omg he’s literally saying to the doctor Is He Gonna Be Fine?”

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NewThaiboy9119 commented with,”He looked so sad…he’s fine now, right?” and the owner wrote back reassuringly, “Yes he’s all good!! Lol, he really loves his toys,” undoubtedly enjoying just how much their dog’s caring behavior resonated with others. Some viewers were expecting a human child when they saw the opening credits of the video. Cat wrote, “I thought it was a kid at first and thought just let it air dry damn.. then I saw the dog and I understand why you had to blow dry…DRY IT FASTER IDC.”

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For anyone who’s ever become upset about losing a prized possession or unintentionally leaving it somewhere, this video is incredibly relatable!