Momma Golden Retriever Gets Upset When Her Puppies Don’t Want To Play With Her

By Daniel Gibson - November 23, 2022

Golden Retriever puppies in grass

Mila the Golden Retriever loves her pups so much that she wants to play with them all the time. The problem is, they are only four days old and are not ready to do anything but sleep. Mila’s mom tries to explain as the proud mom tries to show off her favorite toys.

Mila the Golden Retriever is a happy mom who just wants to include her puppies in everything she does. Mila walks over to the four puppies sleeping on a bed. The retriever has a toy in her mouth she hopes to share with her puppies. After hovering over the puppies for a few seconds, Mila drops the toy into their bed and walks away. The puppies whimper at the end of the post and Mila disappears out of view.

@eloisesmith_ The cries at the end though 🥹🥹🥹 #MilaPuppies #MamaMila #cutenessoverload #puppiesoftiktok #goldenretrievers #puppylove #fyp #dogtok ♬ original sound – EloiseSmith

Mila looks to be a great mom who is very proud to be a mother. The four puppies look so cute sleeping on the bed. Mila’s mom should be very proud of her dog as she is very comfortable looking to play with them. After all, if you’ve made four playmates, you want to play with them. At four days old, they are too young to respond. The cries of the puppies at the end of the post are so cute.

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Bec Stewart8 shares my thoughts about the reasons why Mila the Golden Retriever wants to share her toys. Bec comments, “What’s the point of making these if I can’t even play with them 😂!” Raven Sinclair points out, “Awwww. She’s got lots of playtimes ahead.” Goth_Galaxy can relate to Mila’s mom, “When my dog had pups she would shove toys in the pup’s faces and then get upset when they didn’t play with it…”

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Mila’s love for her puppies is heartwarming and shows how much love a mom can have for her puppies. Mila and her pet mom look like they will have a lot of fun with their pups in the future.