Man Falls When Walking His Dog, See Just How Loyal His Dog Was

By Jeanette Mason - October 22, 2022

Miniature Dachshund

Sometimes trying to test a dog’s reaction can lead to hilarious results. In this case, the trend of pretending to faint to see how concerned a dog is led to an amusing conclusion for one dog owner.

TikTok channel @petsthatmakeyousmile uploaded a video of a man walking a mixed-breed dog to their channel. The TikTok video begins with a small-sized mixed-breed dog walking while on a leash. The dog is waking ahead of the man by a few feet. Though the man is never on camera, he falls when his camera changes location and is near the ground. However, the camera capture footage of the dog continuing to go on his walk. The dog never noticed the man fall and just continued as if nothing had happened. Finally, the dog gets further away, and the video ends as he is near a turn in the path.

@petsthatmakeyousmile #dogs are the most loyal animals in the world! #dog ♬ Stories 2 – Danilo Stankovic

This video made me laugh because the dog just kept on walking. The dog never noticed that his owner had fallen. If he had, he might have had a very different reaction.

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TikTok viewers had mixed reactions to this video @kookiekrumble_ said, “What you don’t get is that the dog didn’t know that he fell. So he kept walking because he thought he was still being walked.” And @football4life9282 agreed, “He didn’t realize.” While @lynxx_smp said, “Some say that he is still walking to this day.” Though the video seems to question the dog’s loyalty for not being worried about his owner, most viewers agree that the dog didn’t realize his owner had fallen.

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This little dog continued on his walk. He is used to walking on the same path because he kept going after his owner fell. It’s not his fault he didn’t notice his owner fell when he pretended to faint.