Magic Trick Blows This Dog’s Mind When His Treat Disappears

By Ashley Turner - October 2, 2022

Surprised Golden Retriever

Cuteness Alert! This video of an adorable golden retriever’s reaction to being tricked with a treat magic trick is hilarious. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, dog or human; there’s something perpetually alluring about seeing a magician perform before your eyes. This magic trick was no different for this intelligent fur baby who was sure to have it in the bag until they were tricked, only to find out their treat had disappeared altogether.

TikTok user @papidog01 shared this video of a charming four-legged golden retriever that stars in the video. The treat is first shown to the dog and then placed under one of two cups. The cups are mixed up by turning them in a circle. When the cups stop, the captivated dog puts his paw on the cup he thinks has the treat under it. When the cup is lifted, there is no treat, and the dog looks bewildered. The dog decides to put his (or her) paw on the other cup, and as the cup is lifted, there is still no treat. The dog gets duped when the treat put under one of the cups disappears, leaving a look of disbelief and one raised eyebrow on this fur baby’s face that is truly priceless.

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Few things are more adorable and heartwarming than watching a sweet golden retriever’s face so perplexed over a disappearing treat.

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People in the comments loved watching this pup try to solve the magic trick. @nicepetworld said, “Wow, it’s so smart”, @The pet lovers said,”
Dog: what’s wrong with my eyes?” and @user673945298 said, “The eyebrow dance, though”.

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By reading the comments, you can see that the magic fooled not only a dog but some people. Dogs and magic! What more could you ask for?