Sweet Lady On Plane Gives Pillow To Service Dog To Help Comfort Him

By Ashley Turner - October 3, 2022

Service dog smiling

For most of us, long flights can be a great cause of stress. However, some of us are lucky enough to find a rowmate that creates a lasting, positive impression when we travel.

@munchiethelizardking, a golden brown good boy that took to the skies recently, made a new friend during a long flight. As the minutes turned to hours, it becomes obvious that napping is the best use of everyone’s time. A kind stranger realizes that one passenger isn’t experiencing optimal comfort. She graciously provides a restful rectangle that he may snooze with greater ease. By the end of the flight, these two new friends nap peacefully with him under her arm.

@munchiethelizardking She is an angel #servicedog #doggo #airplane #stranger #dog #dogsoftiktok ♬ Just the Two of Us (feat. Bill Withers) – Grover Washington, Jr.

It seems that if a person takes a moment to look around, a good person can always be found. One person chose to share their pillow which made for a happy pup that gave us all a smile.

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No matter where or when you are, you could always be the person facing this opportunity. There are even times like this one when being kind is instantly rewarding.

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“He probably helped her too. a dog snuggle is always soothing” commented @justaladyontiktok. Given how peacefully both appear to be while snoozing, this seems quite likely. User @marelovesnewzealand provides one of the most popular comments by adding “I dream of getting a dog as a seat mate”. At time of writing, 9,337 individuals have shown agreement with this statement.