Husky’s Reaction To Mom Telling The Internet What He Did Is So Precious

By Jeanette Mason - January 31, 2023

Husky smiling with tongue out

Husky’s are known for many things. They are known for being sassy, dramatic, escape artists, and vocal, but in the case of a Husky named Fred, he is also a thief of chicken nuggets. Fred’s mom recently uploaded a video on her Tiktok channel @the_huskyandthehound explaining how Fred ran out the door when she was receiving a delivery, and Fred jumped into the delivery driver’s car and stole a chicken nugget from a child sitting in the backseat.

The TikTok video begins with Fred lying on a couch, giving the camera side eye as his mom explains the chicken nugget theft. After giving the camera side eye, Fred does a dramatic eye roll. Then he sits back up and looks at the camera as his mom continues the story. Fred tries to look away several times and then barks. The video ends with Fred standing up to leave.

@the_huskyandthehound Not the chicken nugget 💀#chickennugget #dogsoftiktok #huskiesoftiktok #baddog #chickienuggies #fyp #huskyattitude #dramaticdogs ♬ Penny steals nuggets. Original – Tammy

Fred is hilarious. From his behavior, it is clear he thinks he did nothing wrong. Husky’s are dramatic and a bit of a diva, so his behavior is understandable.

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TikTok viewers posted many comments on this video. @teresamga said, “One of the biggest eye rolls that I’ve ever seen.” @nadyas_fit said, “I am his lawyer, and there is no evidence to support your allegations, ma’am.” @the_huskyandthehoud responded with, “He has several priors for theft.” While @keepingupwithjennab said, “He said, “allegedly.”’ @breemocha said, “The hiding and the talking back is crazy.”

@mermaid4027 commented, “This is absolutely hilarious. Only a husky.” @steeler95 commented, “If it’s not on video, it didn’t happen.” @missarbone said, “The call of the nugget was strong.” @ghost.vida said, “He did not want to hear it.” @kanyo_19 commented, “Accusations. False accusations.” @potted_plant said, “Those damn chicken nuggets.”

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Most TikTok viewers agreed that Fred was not to blame for taking the chicken nugget. Husky’s behave in wild and hilarious behavior. I hope Fred’s mom buys him some chicken nuggets in the future.