Here’s What Happens When You Get Your Dog a Dog

By Ashley Turner - October 6, 2022

Samoyed puppies on red couch

Every dog needs a companion. A best friend to play with and experience everyday life with. Most dogs have their human companions, but humans can’t always spend all of their time with their dogs. Most people have other obligations like work or school. However, another dog can be a great friend.

A Samoyed named Yuki got a pleasant surprise when a new puppy came into his life. Yuki’s dog mom, and dad, manage their TikTok account @babybearyuki and uploaded a video showing how they introduced a new puppy to Yuki. The video starts with Yuki’s dog dad placing a gift box with a large hot pink bow on top of the floor. He slowly opens the box, and we see an adorable Australian Shepherd Puppy. Yuki meets Maple. The video then cuts to Yuki hugging an adult Maple, the best of friends.

@babybearyuki The best possible outcome 🥰✨ #dogsoftiktok #fyp #pettok #foryou #doghug #foryou ♬ original sound – frankiesaudios

Yuki was pleasantly surprised with the addition of Maple into the family. They enjoy playing together and spend most of their time together. Yuki’s dog mom, and dad made a great choice when they added Maple to the family. These two dogs now have each other for company.

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This video captured TikTok viewers’ attention. They had something to say about the video. For example, @littlefatscientist said, “They must be good friends in the future.” While @iannsparks commented, “The hug was so cute. Help!” And @louielouie5071 simply states, “Absolutely beautiful.”

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A great friendship is a beautiful thing. And Yuki and Maple seem to be the best of friends. Yuki was excited from the first introduction to Maple as a Puppy, and from the hug Yuki gave Maple, we can tell that they are friends and companions.