Great Dane Having False Pregnancy Gets Her Own Litter Of Puppies Thanks To Her Quick Thinking Owner

By Daniel Gibson - November 12, 2022

Great Dane with Chihuahua

If you are feeling down and need to feel good video take a look at the TikTok post from dear_danes. The post details a family with great Danes taking in abandoned puppies when their dog is in the throws of a false pregnancy. The title, “I can’t stop watching this one” has never been more true. There’s a lot to enjoy in this video that can teach humans a lot about being caring and happy.

The video opens with Taylor Swift’s “Never Grow Up” playing. A spotted great Dane is going through a phantom pregnancy when her family decides to give her the chance to nurse some abandoned puppies. The heartwarming video shows the puppies arriving in a baby carrier and the new mom being close at hand. The arrival of the puppies was good for the newborn pups and their mom.


I cant stop watching this one ❤️🐾🥹😭

♬ Never Grow Up – Taylor Swift

Captions lead us through the story, with the new mom described as “instantly relaxed”. The puppies weigh two ounces but begin feeding on the large Great Dane. The puppies quickly feed and sleep on their new mom. The video ends with two other Great Danes looking at the puppies sleeping on their mom. The TikTok post includes a message about not caring about looks, gender, or color.

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I love this video and its important message. Dogs going through a false pregnancy can seem pitiful when they are longing for puppies. Seeing this would-be mom take control of the two abandoned puppies warmed my heart.

There are plenty of comments for this video. Dallas_Clubfeet_Warrior commented, “Such a good mama. 🥰” The comment from Blanche reads, “I watch it on repeat. It’s so cute. 🥰” The comment from Pheonix reflected my feelings, “She’s so gentle with them!!! 🥹🥹😭 my heart!”

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The Great Dane mom in this video is a gentle giant who could not care about whose puppies she is rearing. Seeing her step in and care for the abandoned puppies saved their lives and made her own better.