Dogs In Disbelief When They Learn Their Owner’s Name

By Daniel Gibson - October 29, 2022

Black Lab smiling

Have you ever told your pet dog your name? A post to TikTok from Taylorrlyle showed her dogs’ hilarious reaction to finding out their owner’s name. The video has over 13 million likes on TikTok. Users flooded the comment section with their responses. to Ruger and Lola discovering their owner’s name is Taylor. The video is hilarious because of the wholesome response of the two dogs.

The video begins with closeup views of Ruger and Lola, two beautiful dogs. The voiceover explains Taylor added Ruger to her family five years ago and Lola 12 years ago. The two dogs look happy and healthy as they wait in a hallway with their pet parent. Ruger turns his head to one side as Taylor begins to tell them her name. After Taylor tells them her name, the two dogs turn to look at each other as if confused.

@taylorrlyle I guess they didn’t see that comin #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Taylor

The video is one of the funniest I have seen on the TikTok platform in a long time. What made it all the funnier for me were the believable movements of the two dogs. The natural way the dogs turned to face each other made the video all the funnier. Knowing the dogs had been a part of Taylor’s family for so long made me care about them even more.

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TikTok user, Adrianaaa had a similar reaction to me when she commented, “The black dog: I thought u said her name was mom the small one: I thought that too!” TOMEVS followed a similar theme stating, “They were like are you Taylor no I am not Taylor are you, Taylor ???” The love for the video continues to flow, with Amanda commenting, “We thought it was “Mum” tho! 😅”

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The natural reaction to finding out their owner’s name makes this one of the funniest videos on TikTok. I can understand the love shown toward Taylor’s video, with the comments reflecting the heartwarming nature of her post.